Twitter worldwide trending hashtags and topics

As per the technology advancement the world has changed a lot. Technology not only take us to next level invention but also change the way we think and watch the world. There are several social media has been introduced that can work as double edge sword. This means they can work for you as the entertainment source as well as the informative source. The power and the impact of the social media is mesmerizing.

Building a social media presence

To get the maximum out of social media you need to have the perfect social media presence among the people so you could show your research or interests to the other users. Different social media have different controls and ways to let you perform your activities.

Out of all the social media only few are successful enough to grow their usability among the different regions. Here are the list of top 10 social media sites that are most favorite of us:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Qq
  • Wechat
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Snapchat

All of them are highly in demand since they have been introduced in the digital market but twitter has the best market among all of them. The reasons behind this are endless and worthy to know about it.

What is Twitter and why should you use it?

This is the microblogging system that permits you to get the information or a chunk of it and we call this information tweets. The tweets have their official way of representation as you can use 140 characters including the links or related website resource to prove your information right or to indicates the initial point of it.

People can follow each other on twitter and eventually they will be able to enjoy your tweets. There are several accounts of international or national organizations, celebrities and of different businesses. This platform is not only for the professionals but also any individual can enjoy it with great ease and comfort.

You can simply create your own tweets and also can retweet or share the others information with your followers. Retweeting simply means to share any information in a very quick way to the others.

Why use Twitter?

Twitter is getting popular with the passage of every single time. It is the major concept that tweets have the snappy nature for all of those who are not interested to read longer news or piece information.

Let's have a look what you can do on twitter:

  • You can promote your research easily for example you can share your stories, news items, research work blogs and many other things that needs the social signals.
  • Try to follow the other experts from your field so you could be able to show your work to the other by reaching the maximum number of people.
  • You can build up the strong connection with the experts as well as with your followers.
  • It would be the great source of being updated about several things that can be beneficial for you.
  • You can target the new audience as well.
  • People will give you feedback about your work that would be the great source to refine your work.
  • You can attend different discussions virtually that you cannot be part of in reality or in person.
  • You can clearly define your personality and the nature of your work by using this platform.

What should you tweet about?

This is the most burning question if you are not much familiar with this platform. You can clearly define your product or nature of business and organizations so that your audience could get the maximum out of it. If you are using the personal account then you can tweet the mix type of information or the things of your interests. You can talk about your business or organizations. if you are fun loving person and have the ability to talk about the non-academic stuff then you will get famous easily and people will get to know you by following you.

If you are about to promote your trend topic then your tweets should be research based. This is the platform where you can do the formal discussions and communications but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for friendly a humorous approach to tweeting.

what you can tweet about?

Examples of things you can tweet

  • You can talk about your publications or resources you are working on.
  • News from your research work.
  • You can share links of your blogs.
  • Knowledge you got from the conferences you have attended recently.
  • Questions to get feedback for your work
  • Interesting photographs
  • You can reply to other people’s tweets.
  • Retweets of other people. provide you the latest hashtags and trending topics so you can add these hashtags in your tweets click on the link if you want to know how twitter trends works.

What is meant by twitter trendtopic?

If you are a twitter user then you will easily be got to know that many people can post about the same thing at the same time. Twitter has a very unique and amazing trending algorithm that can identify the most popular topics and later will show them as the twitter tt list.

This system can easily detect the mostly used words or phrases as well that are being used in different tweets. You can check the tt list to get to know more about the current trends that you can use and by clicking on them you can guess what's going on the twitter. You can take a look on the entire feed that contain the tweets regarding specific topic. Anyone can have a look on it as you don't need to follow that person or any organization.